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Phillip Magger: "A word of congratulations. I think that your Firebird Data Wizard is some of the best stuff I have ever used. I was in search of an easy-used tool, and I found it. It is a good solution".
Stephen Arrowel, Database Administrator: "We are in the process of implementing Firebird solutions at multiple levels in our international organization. We expect that SQL Maestro Group will do nothing short of revolutionize the way we develop and maintain our Firebird databases. The continuous improvement and development means that the product is extremely flexible and will grow with us. The service and responsiveness of the Support Team has been exceptional. They have devoted countless hours to understanding our needs, so that we could get a Firebird administration tool which would be so simple and effective in use. SQL Maestro Group is helping Sytrax sail into the 21st Century".


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Firebird Tools Family

The Firebird Tools package represents a family of admin tools for Firebird management, control and development. With the help of the tools you can perform database operations and manage your Firebird data efficiently. Powerful instruments for managing all the database objects, building queries and executing SQL scripts, viewing/editing, importing/exporting data, managing Firebird users and their privileges, generating PHP scripts for the selected tables and queries and converting ADO-compatible databases to Firebird ones are at your disposal with the Firebird Tools Family.